Top Trends in The Furniture Market

If you are decorating you are decorating your home in time for summer, now is the best time to pick up some bargains from late spring sales. You will find many of the hidden gems online.

Bedroom Furniture

A comfortable night’s sleep after a long day at work is very important. Most people find that if their bed is uncomfortable, they will not feel as relaxed. Make sure that before you start decorating any room this summer, that you check out Modish’s range of bedroom furniture.

Start with the basics like a bed and built in wardrobe and then begin to add luxurious extras such as vanity dresser. Everyone is different, that is why you should do some research into the furniture you are buying before you go ahead.




The sofa is often the first things which your guests will look at, touch and feel, not to mention it is the spot where you will do most of your in-house socialising. Experts say that for a sofa to impress your guests it has to be both comfy and stylish. They invite customers to come along to their living room and Bedroom Furniture  store, where customers can browse through their catalogue of sofas.

Coffee Tables

If you are looking for a quick fix to freshen up your living area, a coffee table may be the talking point you need to spark a fire in your room. If you are looking to purchase a coffee table online there are a number of sites where you can find cost effective options.

Wooden Flooring

A wooden floor not only looks chic, but it is extremely durable. Hardwood flooring is extremely low maintence, unlike carpets which require regular hoovering and shampooing to keep them in best shape.

The main benefit of investing in wooden flooring is that is extremely versatile and can be changed with rugs and fabrics, making it excellent long-term investment. Hardwood flooring goes down well with new buyers and potential letters as it is so easy to care for.

The cheap and cheeful option will always be laminate. As hardwood flooring is made from natural materials such as oak and maple, it is often more expensive to source.

You will find that laminate is the cheapest option when you are investing in new flooring. As it is made with synthetic material it is a lot cheaper to buy and fit.

As mentioned, laminate tends to be easier to maintain as it does not need to eb repaired after spillages and stains. This means that if you are the owner of a home with children, pets or students living inside of it  – laminate is a great option for keeping it looking fresh.