Encouraging Innovation And Improving Performance

In business, improved performance coupled with improving innovation is very important for firms looking to succeed within their industries. In order for innovation to occur there needs to be plenty of discussion within the organisation as well as debate and brainstorming. Innovation does not happen overnight and requires a lot of time and effort overall . In addition to this improved performance requires a mixture of factors in order facilitate this overall.


In order to effectively improve innovation within a workplace or organisation , it is important to understand what innovation is and how exactly it works overall. If you do a quick online search of innovation online millions of results will appear with many varying definitions. However it is clear that there is some definitions which are more applicable than others and also more commonly used.

The main and underlying definition of innovation is the implementation of new cutting edge processes , products or services to a business that can positively impact change overall. A classic example of innovation within the business world has to be Steve jobs at Apple. During his time at the organisation Apple began the iPod and iPhone line which proved to be immensely popular and led to Apple being the highest value business in the world at one point in time.

Without time and effort as well as innovation being put into Apple’s product range and ideas , they would not have been anywhere near successful as they are today.

Encouraging Innovation

In order for innovation to occur and be effective it is important that different factors are in play to ensure that innovation is encouraged and can be conducted as effectively as possible. This can be done in a variety of different ways. One of the most effective and proven ways of encouraging innovation overall is by improving motivation within the workplace.

In order to improve motivation overall within the workplace a variety of different methods can be employed overall. One of the most effective tried and tested forms of motivation is setting goals for employees. Doing this means that they have more to work towards and are likely to be more successful in the future overall. In addition to this rewards and incentives can be offered upon conclusion of the tasks that need to be completed. This can also help to facilitate friendly competition between different employees overall.

How Might Innovation Be Hindered?

There are a variety of different ways in which innovation could be hindered overall. One of the main obstacles that can stand in the way of innovation is lack of funds and research. Often organisations may have a desire to innovate but simply lack the overall funds as well as the time and effort required to do so. This is often due to lower staff numbers than many larger organisations have at their disposal.

Overall in order for a business to be able to innovate effectively it is important that they do research and plan a budget in order to prepare for the area they are looking to innovate in. Lack of prior planning as well as funds is likely to be the major contribute to failure in innovation overall.