A Guide To Energy Service Companies

Energy service companies/organisations can come in a wide variety of different shapes and sizes and often offer a wide variety of different products and services overall. In this article in particular we will focus on the services and expertise offered by Glacier energy services.

The Energy Sector

The energy sector is a wide ranging sector that comprises of a variety of different forms of technology as well as various forms of energy. Increasingly as the world becomes more and more conscious of climate change more interest and attention is being drawn to renewable energy overall. Within the energy sector typically the leaders of the industry are organisations in the oil industry such a BP or Shell. This is because they have some of the largest workforce’s and vast quantities of finances and resources at their disposal.

At present one of the biggest challenges facing the energy sector is ensuring that operations are conducted effectively and affordably with minimal impact on the environment. In order to do this more companies and organisations are being set up with the intention of providing the energy sector with these solutions at affordable prices for the energy companies overall.

What Does Glacier Specialise In?

Glacier energy services specialise in a number of niche services specially tailored for the energy sector. One of their most well known and sought after services that Glacier provide is pipe cutting. This service involves cutting and creating pipes which are specially designed mainly for the oil industry but also other industries such as gas and other pipelines.

Often due to the size and scale of the pipes as well as their ability to work underwater Glacier is required for the task as it requires specialist expertise and precision engineering. In addition to pipe cutting and welding another area which Glacier specialises in is construction and maintenance of pressure vessels.

Pressure vessels are forms of equipment which are typically used within the oil and gad industry and often contain high pressure gas. They can come in various sizes from tanks which can be used for diving to pressure vessels used on an industrial scale within a factory or a power plant to collect gas/vapour.

How Is The Energy Sector Making Changes In The Way They Operate?

The energy sector is making changes in the way they operate in a variety of different ways overall. One of the main changes that has been observed within the industry is a clear move to more sustainable forms of energy such as renewable’s.

In addition to this, many energy companies are investing more in sustainable energy projects as well as new technologies. For example oil company Shell is thought to have invested billions in a series of new renewable technologies as well as committing to slashing their own carbon emissions by 2050.


Over to conclude it is clear that there are a variety of different factors overall that have had an impact on carbon emissions as well as climate change around the world. The energy sector is doing a lot to combat this change and is increasingly coming up with new and innovative ways to create and use energy. Organisations such as Glacier are of increasingly high value as they continue to provide high quality equipment to energy companies in order to undertake this work.