The Reality of Sports Betting Consultants

The reality is that careers in sports betting consultants is growing exponentially as companies across Europe are desperately seeking employees to sit in a room filled with TVs on the wall for you to sit and watch sports. There is a lot more to a Sports Betting Consultants job than just watching sports for a living, however, if you have a particular skill set and a passion for sports this type of career may be for you.

Sports Betting Consultants

Starting your career as a Sports Betting Consultant

Beginning your career as a Sports betting consultant does come with challenges, however, this sector of the gaming and gambling industry is quickly booming as there are becoming multiple entry level points for graduates and those looking to move career. Developers, marketing geniuses, traders and product experts are all in high demand even at the entry level all the way through to senior level. Specifically, if you have skills in the digital sector that will massively benefit you. However, there is a wide range of jobs for all types of professions across the industry. To find these opportunities companies such as Betting Jobs have a wide range of job openings for all professional levels across all job types.


How the iGaming industry Grows

Betting, gambling and iGaming has become readily available 24/7 every day of the year. You can bet on almost anything and with the digital revolution bringing in sports betting online in the late 90’s it has grown a significant amount since then. With digital technology developing at a rapid rate with the consumer demand also growing at a similar rate, this fuelled the boom for the online gambling (iGaming) industry. There are 3 main hotspots for iGaming career: Malta, Gibraltar and London as the first two are primarily for regulatory purposes. However, you can find online sports betting consultants and suppliers across Europe and worldwide which opens up the door to many career opportunities.

Sports Betting Consultants

Sports Betting

Since sports betting is one of the most traditional forms of betting dating back to horse racing, football and boxing bets, it is usually the first type of betting to be regulated in new markets. Whereas any other form of gambling is generally subjected to jurisdiction-controlled regulation. This in effect has made sports betting the frontier in the iGaming industry. This in turn has allowed it to become an entry level point for new consumers and the first step for new businesses. Football is known as Europe’s sports bet of choice with around 75% of Europe’s betting’s being on Football. The only other sport that challenges this is horse racing in the UK and Ireland with around 40% of betting on horse racing, 40% on football and 20% on other sports.