Rare Whiskies for Sale and Investment

For a long time, whisky has been a decent popular alcoholic drink. But is it turns out whisky may not be only for drinking and having a good time, it can also be an investment. And the fact that it gets better with age just adds to the price tag and the older the cask is, the more expensive it is. Therefore, if you are able to get your hands on a rare bottle of whisky, you may decide not to drink it and store it for a few years then auction it. And just like gold you just need to hold it for as long as you can.

Until recently, only distillers and blenders were able to benefit from rare whiskies; now there are a lot of sites with rare whiskies for sale making it easier for people to purchase them. With prices going up to thirty percent in one year, many investors are now pumping a lot of money into rare whiskey and earning decently from it. Some blends from closed distillers are now some of the most sought-after in the world, and they are hard to track. The Rare Malt Whisky is an example of a company that hosts a range of rare whiskies. This means you will have to be fully committed to the search and buy it as fast as you can before another person does it.

Rare Whiskies Factors to consider when choosing rare whiskies

Many people believe that choosing a bottle that will bring good returns is an easy process, however, it is easier said than done. There are a lot of new whiskies in the market and you may end up with an unknown blend thinking it is rare. Most of Scottish and Japanese blends can be picked up by just looking at the price but American whiskies are young in the market not to mention the cheapest. Here are some tips you can use while choosing a bottle.

l Research – nowadays there is a lot of information online and you can look for the blends that are more likely to go up in prices in the near future. However, some sites may be misleading and orchestrated by some dealers to increase their own profits.

l Look out for rare and unusual blends – you should concentrate on unusual offerings from well-established and respected distilleries. Some distilleries sell some of it old stocks and discontinued brands, this may be sought after in the future when there is less available.

l Seek out limited edition batches – some distilleries have some limited edition releases that are limited in the number of casks made or the bottles released. This is likely to increase the prices steeply as some will be consumed therefore it will become rare quickly.

l Make friends with store owners – consult some local dealers. They are likely to know what blend is worth your money and what is not based on their experience in the industry.

l Prices do not always represent quality – some producers may surge their prices so that their products are seen as luxurious or quality. You should make sure to research carefully before you make a purchase.

The appetite for rare whiskey has been growing very fast recently which is further hiking the prices up. And as expected most old and vintage blends will continue to increase in prices. Therefore, it is advisable to buy one and wait.

Rare Whiskies