Gym It Like The Professional You Are

There are a number of advantages if joining your local gym, however, many are scared away by gym etiquette. From the changing rooms to the treadmill it may take a while for you to get into the swing of things.

It is important that you join a gym that is welcoming of new members. January and February are two of the busiest months at the gym, which makes it an excellent time to join, make new friends and feel healthier.


Combination lock: Going to the gym straight after work means that you will need a space for all of your belongings. Feel relaxed knowing that your belongings are safe, hidden away from the busy gym area.

Water: Water is vital if you are planning on working up a sweat. Staying hydrated will help you through your workout. If you do feel like you need to top up your water bottle then there is usually space for you to top up your bottle. Drink as much water as you can while you are exercising.

Headphones: Nowadays it is common for gym goers to enjoy their session at the gym while listening to music or watching films. Most gyms will have a surround sound system which plays throughout your session at the gym, so don’t worry too much.

Clothes: Buying some new gym clothes is a great way to start and they will last you for a while. Make sure you are picking up your gym clothes before work, checking that your gym shoes are in their too.

Joining A Glasgow Gym For The First Time


Start by trying out new machines. Sticking to the treadmill means that you will get bored, quickly. There are lots of great machines at the gym and as they say, variety is the spice of life. Start with something easy like the rowing machine and then work your way up to something like weight training.

If you are unsure about what machines you should be using Anytime Fitness St Enoch say that you should invest in a personal training session. You should also attend your free gym induction. During the session, a member of their team will talk you through all of your options and show you exercise techniques that will prevent injury from occurring.

Joining A Glasgow Gym For The First Time


These days most gyms are open 24 hours, 7 days a week. The gym is usually busy before and during rush hour times, with 9-5 workers trying to get their workout, out of the way.

Choosing a gym is important too, as the bigger the gym is, the less chance there will be of you having to wait for a machine. Changing rooms will also be packed after 5 pm as many will travel straight to the gym from work.

The main benefit of joining a 24 hour is that you will have 24 access to your gym through keypad access. Meaning you can go whenever you feel like. This great for those who work in retail and need a gym that opens later.