Growing Your Business Through Marketing In 2019

Marketing has for many outside of the marketing world often been associated with double glazing salesmen , annoying pop ups and corny ads from the 70s trying to sell hoovers. These are all things that have occurred, but marketing is changing from year to year and constantly reinventing itself.  Many businesses have actually found that online marketing through the use of internet cookies have been very effective in catching people’s attention. This is partly due to more and more people using online selling platforms as well as the massive rise of social media giants such as Facebook.

Is Traditional Marketing Dying Out?

It is difficult to say whether traditional marketing is dying out as there is a number of different factors that affect the success of these types of campaign. However it is fair to say that digital marketing as well as other newer methods of marketing such as SEO.  Traditional marketing methods have typically taken on older technology such as tv or radio. However since the rise of YouTube and Facebook these social media platforms are becoming dormant and having little impact compared to their digital age rivals who have much larger and engaged audiences.

Many  marketing firms have been taking advantage of the fact that these platforms have started becoming so popular and have come up with their own unique ways in which to make good progress in reaching larger audiences. One way in which they have done this which has been highly effective is through viral videos. Viral videos are videos that circulate on the internet and become very popular with millions watching them in a short period of time hence the term “viral” Whilst many of these have been made organically increasingly marketers are tapping into this market and coming up with ingenious ways in which to make their own videos and attract a large audience.

Is Marketing Pushing Its Boundaries?

Many people argue that marketing itself is pushing the boundaries of what is acceptable in terms of advertising as well as invasion of privacy. Often users are prompted on website to accept cookies or terms and conditions in order to continue using a website. However it is not uncommon for websites to put in their terms and conditions that any data harvested from users during their visit can then be sold to agencies or marketing firms and used as a potential source for a lead. This although legal is a breach of someones privacy as they are often contacted by businesses or companies that they did not directly consent to be contacted by.  This is an example of marketing pushing its boundaries and potentially having a negative effect.