Benefits of Using Estate Agents in Glasgow

Are you selling your home and want to move to Glasgow? The average UK home takes around three months to sell – but a house in Glasgow could sell in half that time, making it an excellent investment.

According to new research from Post Office Money Mortgages, houses in Glasgow take an average 56 days to sell a property, could this be due to the rise of online estate agents in Scotland.

Glasgow properties are in demand and one company that knows this is The Estate Agency Company. They offer free house valuation in Scotland and have a more modern approach than traditional estate agents in Glasgow.

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How Glasgow Estate Agents Work

The Estate Agency Company make it very clear what their goal is on their business website: “We are a progressive estate agency based in Glasgow, and we aim to transform, adapt and improve the traditional model for navigating the property market. In short, we want to make buying and selling property as quick, easy and hassle-free as possible.

Here are some of the benefits of working with an online estate agent in Glasgow.

Estate Agents Scotland Fees

This is a bold statement but many people believe that online estate agents in Scotland have a cheaper fee. They tend to give fees that are lower than those charged by high street agents (this may vary).

In most cases you have to pay fees up front, this is a benefit for some as they like to see where their money is going. Fees charged by online estate agents are usually a set rate rather than being a percentage of the selling price, again this is something that many sellers prefer.


By working with an online estate agency you can organise and conduct viewings yourself. This is a fairly new concept, yet it is effective as many viewers prefer the homely advice.


The Estate Agency Company will give you a free valuation of your property. For this to happen generally most online estate agents will visit your home to value it, just like a high street agent.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to use the valuation provided by your online agent. If you have also used a local agent using that figure to inform the asking price you set with an online agent.


Vetting buyers

Securing a buyer is the difficult part, however, your online estate agents in Glasgow should be vetting buyers. Online estate agents are getting better at this. They can offer you a great service as they have access to names, finances and whether potential buyers are already part of a chain.

If you do decide to sell your home online our experts would recommend that you ask your agent exactly how this works, some agents may employ a separate third party to do this.You can find a reliable and professional estate agents in Glasgow.