What You Should Do About Your Company’s Broken Pallet Lifter

Recently in the workplace, we found out that our main pallet lifter is quite badly broken. This is really not ideal as we have a busy month ahead for the festive period with multiple shipments coming in. We are going to need staff to be on the ball when it comes to loading and storing all the goods that come through our doors.

I wanted to hash out what exactly needs to be done moving forward before going ahead with buying the new pallet lifter for the warehouse. By sharing this process with you, I want to make sure all companies who are involved with Firm Innovation can more easily sort it out when an item of machinery gets broken.

Read on and find out how we’re planning to cope in the process of buying a new pallet lifter.

Sort Out the Paperwork First

First of all, I and the secretary are going to need to fill in the accident report, and find out if we had any sort of guarantee on this particular piece of equipment. I doubt it will cover such a breakage anyway, but I will look into it before parting with company cash. Better safe than sorry!

We’ll also have to sort out whether we would like a couple of staff to share some overtime shifts throughout the week as the loss of the machine will slow down work dramatically at a time when we really don’t need it.

Sorting out the paperwork for a new pallet lifter.

Ask Staff What Happened

Next, we’ll need to get to the root of how it managed to get into quite so bad a state. It looks like it crashed into a car or a wall at speed! We will undertake a couple of informal interviews with the main guys on the floor to see if they have any insight into how it happened.

Either way, I’d like to jog everyone’s memory when it comes to equipment maintenance and proper usage. We can do a training day if we can fit it into the schedule alongside everything else.

Find a New Pallet Lifter

Then if the guarantee doesn’t come to light and we can’t find a direct culprit to blame, we’ll need to invest in a new pallet lifter. Ideally, it would probably best if we could find the exact same model, or the same pallet lifter but an updated version? I’ll get my secretary to look into it and give some options. This is one of the main contenders at the moment:

An example of a large, blue pallet lifter,.